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I have a game with 3 different levels in which I want to save 3 different high scores

Can you assign one global attribute "Score" to 3 different high scores for the various levels and still be able to save 3 high score attributes correctly?

Issue is I have one enemy for the 3 levels assigned to the global game attribute "game.score"


  • butterbeanbutterbean Member, PRO Posts: 4,315
    I went ahead and created 3 different game.score attributes, but it won't let me go past 15K points and then it stops displaying the high score... strange don't know why it's doing that?
  • butterbeanbutterbean Member, PRO Posts: 4,315
    yea, I have game.score, game.score2 and game.score 3 and each of those is applied to game.highscore, game.highscore2, and game.highscore3

    I'm displaying high score in the top mid section of the screen, and the current player score on the top right side of screen, at a certain random point, the high score disappears, not sure why....

    Where would be the best place to have the save high score versus the load high score in the game?
  • butterbeanbutterbean Member, PRO Posts: 4,315
    Anyone? Having a similar issue like mine?
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    Butterbean, did you ever get this figured out? I just ran across a similar situation. I have score and high score both on the screen during game play. At random points, the high score stops going up as the score goes up. It appears to be completely random. My game you avoid objects and the score is based upon if you avoid getting hit and it counts by one. In both the preview in GS and on the iPhone it will randomly stop counting. It's stopped at 6, 18, 34, 69.... If I die and play again when I pass the high score that was frozen (for lack of a better term) it will continue to count up and may or may not freeze again at some random point.

    Just scratching my head here looking for ideas....
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    @ckurt25 O dod fogire this out: in the rule for save high score you have to put:

    If game.score is > or = to game.high score

    CONSTRAIN ATTRIBUTE: Game.highscore to game.score

    Constraining the high score was key to making the high score stick, let me know if this helps!
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    idevelperz video is great.

    Thats what i used the first time.

    for me i was just typing in the info rather than hitting the little "e"

    I would imagine that could get a few people
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    Constrain seems to be working. I have separate attributes for the two different difficulty levels and I changed it on one and it isn't freezing but the other still is, which is what I'd expect. Weird thing is that it was working yesterday on both with change attribute.
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    What I did with the 3 different levels was I had to create 3 different actors with 3 different score attributes, so if you have a medium and difficult level, but you're using the same enemy or object, I would just create another actor with a different name, and then make game.score1 and game.score2 attributes, then same for the highscore tracking, game.highscore1, and game.highscore 2, and make sure in your rules for each of the levels, you're keeping track of the scores with the different enemies

    Hope this helps, if you need clarification let me know

    I had the same problem as you so I had to make 3 different game.score attributes as well as 3 different game.highscore attributes, and I created 3 different color birds for each of the levels so they each had their own score tracker
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    @Tiny Monster

    I did a video?
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    thought it was you because of the game in the tutorial
    I guess i got earth defense and earth attack mixed up.

    I cant find the video now though
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    My original high score was based on this
    It was working fine until I decided to create two separate difficulty levels for my game and of course I wanted two separate high scores. I created a new attribute for the harder skill level high score. I also created an attribute called diflevel to indicate which level is being played / has been selected. I used the same actor as I had before for high score and essentially have two rules. They first check to see which level has been selected then loads the appropriate high score and goes from there. Works perfectly after I used constrain.

    As always, I appreciate all the help.

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