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invalid .app bundle

iWiniWin Posts: 334Member
I recently created a game for the iphone.I was ready to send it to apple but i got stuck on the upload page. It wants me to upload my application in binary .app bundle but im not sure what that is or what i have to do. Can someone please give me instructions on how to get my app into binary .app bundle.(Erorr read:The binary you uploaded was invalid. It did not contain a .app bundle.)

? Reads
The binary for your application. This must also contain an icon that is 57 x 57 pixels, which will display on the iPod touch or iPhone home screen.


  • ktfrightktfright Posts: 964Member
    Convert your game into an app file and compress it. DON'T forget to make sure you have the app store provision profile for that also and build that into it.
  • emeryemeryemeryemery Posts: 4Member
    I am stuck too! How do I Add my App Store provision Profile to me app and how to I compress it?
  • ATNK1ATNK1 Posts: 5Member
    right click and then select compress
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