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Planetary Gravity or Orbits

FrohmaierFrohmaier Posts: 2Member
edited November -1 in Working with GS (Mac)
Im trying to simulate the Newtonian thought experiment of firing a cannon high enough up and with enough velocity so that the cannon ball will eventually orbit the planet.

If i use particle emitter for the cannon ball fired from an actor called 'cannon' above a separate actor called 'planet', how do give the planet attributes to replicate gravity so that the particles are affected differently depending on the height and velocity of the cannon balls?

Thanks for you help guys, i hope i wasnt confusing.


  • CodeMonkeyCodeMonkey Posts: 1,803Head Chef, Member, PRO
    Not possible to give an actor gravity to cause the Newtonian physics to automatically happen. And its not possible to affect particles that way after they have been created.

    Although if you use the Spawn Actor behavior to spawn the cannon ball, you could maybe use the expression editor to include the physics equations, and use some global attributes to store the planets' radius, gravity, mass, location, etc, to include in the move to behavior with the physics equations.
  • FrohmaierFrohmaier Posts: 2Member
    Cheers CodeMonkey, Ive only just started learning Gamesalad so it may take some time to implement it. i understand everything you have just said, in my head at least. It may take rather longer to get it from my head into my game, but i shall learn it!

    At last a chance for me to laugh at the people who said i was silly taking Astrophysics instead of joining a sports team after school!!
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