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Some help Please

SynstealSynsteal Posts: 32Member
edited November -1 in Miscellaneous
I am having a problem with the game I am currently making and I am wondering if anyone would know a solution. My game is very simple premise in which you are trying to stop the growth of the blackhole in the centre of the screen. I have spawners spawning objects that head toward the blackhole. You simply tap the objects to destroy them and gain points each time you do. The problem I have is that when you reach a certain point, which seems to be when you have achieved in destroying about 500objects as indicated by the score, all the actors simply slow to crawl and the controls freeze. The spawners keep spawning more and more actors as the should but all moving actors simply slow to a crawl and the game becomes unplayable until you lose. So would anyone know why the game slows down like that? If you need more information I'll gladly provide it.Help would be appreciated. Thank-you.


  • Metronome49Metronome49 Posts: 297Member
    Shooting from the hip here, but maybe if you were recyling actors instead of respawning it wouldn't do that? Could it be a performance problem with too many actor spawns? It's my impression that they can eat up memory even after they're destroyed. Are you spawning a whole lot of these actors?

    You might try sending them off screen to be reused instead of destroying, I think.
  • tenrdrmertenrdrmer Posts: 9,934Member, Sous Chef, Senior Sous-Chef
    Yeah if you have spawned and destroyed 500 objects you will definitely see the game come to a crawl if not crash. Try using some recycle techniques and you will see a lot better performance.

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  • SynstealSynsteal Posts: 32Member
    I think I'll just have to try recycling techniques. Thanks for the advice
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