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Have any of you guys any experience of setting up your own mobile WiFi hot spot?

When I'm out with the family, it would be great for us to be able to use the laptop, iPad, iPod Touch, DSi, etc all at the same time and for us all to be able to connect to the internet.

I envisage buying a mobile broadband dongle, which would then plug into a mobile router so that we can all connect our devices, and wondered if anyone had done this themselves.

Also, has anyone any experience of mobile broadband for the major networks in the UK?

I know this isn't directly related to GameSalad, but it means I'll be able to develop games away form home, so it is kind of relevant - and I value all your opinions.




  • ScootsScoots Member Posts: 507
    Hey Octoppus, I use a Verizon USB modem with a Cradle portable router. The combination is just awesome!,

    what you do is just plug the USB modem into this portable router and with Zero configuration you have just created your own hotspot. Comes with a power supply but I bought an external battery that last every bit of 8 hours. You can also have one wired connection directly out of the router.
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    Thanks Scoots - this is exactly the kind of answer I was hoping for. Very helpful.
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    Why not just use the iPhone as a mobile hotspot and use its 3G connection? I think you can connect up to three devices via Wifi, one with USB and one with Bluetooth at the same time.
  • FjantIncFjantInc Member Posts: 115
    Unless you're looking for a more permanent solution of course =) I had a Huwaei wifi router which could connect up to five devices at a time. A bit hard to get it to work, but once I managed it, there was no problem running it.

    Here's the one I used:
    However, I converted my sim card to an iPad card and put it in my paddie instead =) And when I want to surf on my laptop, I use my iPhone as a modem instead.
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    Thanks Undersky. I did wonder about using my phone as a modem. It sounds like you've found this solution works pretty well.
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