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Little bit about me.
I think I’ve start playing video games since 6-th years old. Even when a haven't got any type of PC, I’ve already was interested in making games. I remember some of games on paper, for chips and dices. When I got my first windows pc, I soon discovered that you can make games on it! And it was mind-blowing. For a long time a was making maps and mods for Half-Life/Counter-Strike and some other games. http://gua.cs-mapping.com.ua/modmaps.html I even won some counter-strike maps competitions. In some magical way I find myself in GameDev industry. Starting as a tester in year I’ve became Lead Game Designer.

By now I have three released commercial projects.
Pirate Hunter (PC)

iPirates! (iOS)
Go Fishing (Facebook, coming soon to iOS)

Although I don't have enough free time (mostly because of work), and I have a lot of GameDev in my life, GameSalad really interested because of two reasons. For all those years I was making only a part of game, and GameSalad gives possibility to make a whole game! A second reason is an opportunity to make a game I want. Making game for a living is good, but most of the time I’m making games that not matches my taste in genre or setting.
I've boat Mac Mini specially for GameSalad and pretty fast learned to work in GameSalad using "The Unofficial GameSalad Textbook" by Photics, it's a great book and GameSalad is great software, I think GS team have found a perfect balance between ease of use and possibilities that GameSalad give you. I think another power of Game Salad is a strong, good community :)

My first game is already in developing, but, it will take a long long time to be made, because:
1. I want to make a descent game.
2. I don't have a lot of free time.
3. I need to rest, because making games at work and then at home, is pretty damn hard.


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