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Level designer ready for hire

Hey everybody I have decided to set up some services. We will have services that range from coding, to full game creation, and even my most popular service… level design. I have some examples already made but if you have any questions or want to see any examples just ask.

Here are the services I am offering:

Full Game Creation- Starting at the low price of $400, this includes art, level design, coding, sounds, and music. If you just want code and already have graphics and sounds, you can send me the game project with the other assets and I will code all of the game's logic for you!  

Level Design - If you are making a game that has to do with many levels and/or worlds, but don't like making tons of different levels, then your in the right place. You can hire me to do a set number of levels for your game, and I will finish the levels for you. It's that simple. I can make 10 levels or a 100 levels, number is up to you. I am experienced in GS, so you can trust me to make quality levels. I have made two apps already (Miner Escape, and Doodle Shapes).
Pricing: Starting at $2 per level

Custom templates- Nothing too confusing about this, but if you need some extra work done on your games then give me a shout. This can range between $5 and $80 depending on complexity. I can almost make any template that is not on the marketplace.

Contact me at [email protected]
Thank you for your time and for reading this. I hope to work with you soon!

-Brian Gorham
Blazing Applications

“Wonderful communication, very fast service for the amount of levels I asked for.” -GingerBGames
“He is very creative and present high quality levels very fast.” -P-O-M
“I use it services and it is really fast and really amazing level design.” -mazda4080
“BlazingApplications responded to any questions on levels within 24hrs.” - lollol



  • CaniohCanioh Posts: 200Member
    That's a pretty low price considering the time it takes to design a good level, but I might try this service out in the future.
  • BlazingApplicationsBlazingApplications Posts: 340Member
    You say it like it's a bad thing :P

    Give me a shout when you need any levels done
  • CaniohCanioh Posts: 200Member
    Well it COULD be a bad thing, if price and quality goes together(not saying that it does). I will have to give it a go, since I often finish the engine of a game and then stop developing it because I get stuck making levels(and I don't find that very interesting lol). But yes I'll let you know when I need some work done.
  • debugdesigndebugdesign Posts: 886Member
    Worth a punt! - I will send an email shortly and test you out on the first world. If everything goes well I have plenty worlds to do!
  • BlazingApplicationsBlazingApplications Posts: 340Member
    Awesome Ian!

    Price really just depends on the game and how big each level is. $1 was just a starting point.
    I can do 1 or 2 revisions if you do not like any of the levels.

    Email me for a free quote.
    [email protected]
  • tenrdrmertenrdrmer Posts: 9,934Member, Sous Chef, Senior Sous-Chef
    I'll try your level design out. Email Sent.

    Project Help from Tenrdrmer Click Here

    GS BubbleBall Template HERE!!
    Stacks Level Selection Template HERE!!
    Expanding Option Menu Template HERE!!
    Tenrdrmer's Menu # 3 HERE!!
    Menu #4 - Level Banners HERE!!
    AppSolute Entertainment on Facebook
    AppSolute Entertainment on iTunes

    It's not my fault I never learned to take responsibility for anything. ;)

  • BlazingApplicationsBlazingApplications Posts: 340Member
    Here is a sample level I made for another user

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
  • DimensionGamesDimensionGames Posts: 993PRO
    the above is for me and I am really impressed by the speed I received my design!

  • DreamLabDreamLab Posts: 2,127Member
    Did you get the idea from this video? haha. He talks about how he hired a level designer and it saved him a bunch of time.

    I have talked to brian and he is great to work with. So if you don't have time to make levels, hes the one to go to.
  • BlazingApplicationsBlazingApplications Posts: 340Member
    I actually did haha. Watch the whole thing last night.
  • DimensionGamesDimensionGames Posts: 993PRO
    The reason I decided to get a helping hand was that video! Ha :)
  • DreamLabDreamLab Posts: 2,127Member
    that video REALLY inspired me to spend more time on advertising and PR haha. can't wait til my games done. anyways, back to your thread
  • touchtentouchten Posts: 96Member
    Hi there!

    how fast can you work per level?
    Let's say for a "zombie drop" type of game


  • BlazingApplicationsBlazingApplications Posts: 340Member
    I spend anywhere from 3-10 minutes depending on level difficulty.
  • DuafoursevengamesDuafoursevengames Posts: 26Member
    i use it services and it is really fast and really amazing level design.The quality itself is better than i expected.Amazing work BA.

  • BlazingApplicationsBlazingApplications Posts: 340Member
    Thanks mazda4080
  • BlazingApplicationsBlazingApplications Posts: 340Member
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    More levels!
  • digletodigleto Posts: 76Member
    Great Idea! You should probably use a grid, I think Deep Blue Ideas has one. That way the blocks will be in order, I can see very easily that you hand dropped them above.
  • rlehmrlehm Posts: 320Member
    He does use a grid. That was probably an early shot with grid off. He uses darren's grid software. Also, I've seen his work up close and personal. Customer was so happy he paid him a bonus of 25% the cost when he was done. That's a happy camper. He also added moving blocks and other cool ideas to the levels.
  • damienhdamienh Posts: 9Member
    when you say you design the levels what using images that you are given or completely from scratch?
  • POMPOM Posts: 2,599Member
    i sent you a mail mate.

  • GingerBGamesGingerBGames Posts: 390Member
    Hello GS'ers,

    I have recently used Blazings services for one of my latest projects, and the results are awesome. Wonderful communication, very fast service for the amount of levels I asked for. The levels are a lot of fun, and they are a challenge. I will be using the services again in the future. Top notch level design services! This was so nice because I could worry about the other stuff in my game, and other games, while the levels were being taken care of. I recommend Blazings service to anyone out there, and to everyone that has too much on their plate at the moment. An A+ in my book for the entire experience. Thanks again Blazing for helping me out!!!!
  • sghavimsghavim Posts: 34Member
    Hi Brian so ur services are just level design right? Meaning like for a "Zombie Drop" game i would send u the GS project and u would use the images i have in the project to design levels or do u make ur own art too?

  • BlazingApplicationsBlazingApplications Posts: 340Member
    Hi sghavim,
    Yes I do make levels like in the game Zombie Drop, however I didn't make those levels :)

    I do not make the art but I can get my artist to do it for you.

    Email me [email protected]
  • BlazingApplicationsBlazingApplications Posts: 340Member
    My client Jeremiah(GingerBGames) has recently came out with his game Provoked Porkers. This game features 100 of my custom made levels.

    Check out the game here:

    Good luck GingerBGames with the game.

    Here are some of the levels I made in the game:
  • LordTarantorLordTarantor Posts: 890Member, PRO
    Wow Brian, That was awesome.
    When I create a level game, I will definitely hire you.
  • BlazingApplicationsBlazingApplications Posts: 340Member
    LordTarantor said:
    Wow Brian, That was awesome.
    When I create a level game, I will definitely hire you.

    Basseman said:
    Looks nice, but i would never let the pig spawn in the bottom of the arrow..
    Looks strange..

    I agree.
  • UtopianGamesUtopianGames Posts: 5,685Member
    Great stuff, i might be in contact soon.

  • BlazingApplicationsBlazingApplications Posts: 340Member
    UtopianGames said:
    Great stuff, i might be in contact soon.


  • POMPOM Posts: 2,599Member
    Brian was the level designer for my upcoming game "Spin The Nut" and working with him was great , he is very creative and present high quality levels very fast . i really recommend working with him and i look forward to work with him in future projects !

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