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I've been here for a few months now and I haven't properly introduced myself yet. I go by 11clock in most places (11clocky on Youtube and Kleeg or Clocky in most online games). I'm the head leader of a small independent company Twin Games.

Website: http://www.twingamesco.com/

All of the games are only for Windows at the moment. I am currently working on 2 platform games and will start working on Mr. Smile 2 Plus soon. The iPhone game AntiMal is also in development and will be my first commercial game.

Now that I'm done advertising my games, I'll talk about myself. My real name is Justin Priester and I live in a family with 2 sets of twins. I am of the older set. My twin brother is the co-leader of the Twin Games company and is the one responsible for starting the company. I'm 16 years olds and am male.

I currently have a genetic disorder that keeps me from walking. Getting treatment so I can walk again.

Nice to meet you nice members of the community. :)


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    I felt like I was just advertising myself, so I added some more information about me.

    Nice to meet you too! I've seen some of your tutorials and they are very helpful. :)
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    Two sets of twins in the same family! That's crazy!

    Good luck with your games!

    QS :D

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    Hello! Yes, 2 sets of twins can get pretty chaotic. We have at least 20 arguments a day. :P

    I'm getting along well with GS. It has similar features to Game Maker, though it lacks in some areas. The more I develop my game, the more excited I get looking forward to publishing it!
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