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$$ Prepare for upload and invoice number??? $$

yoenoeszyoenoesz Posts: 42Member
I had uploaded my game on 22 of April, puslished and send to apple..
But it's still staying prepare for upload on itunesconnect.. And I received an email saying my invoice number is :xxxxxxx
But what can I do with the invoice number? And how long will it take to upload on the app store?



  • quantumsheepquantumsheep Posts: 8,188Member
    It should take mere minutes to upload to the app store using Apple's Application Loader.

    I'd try it again. Also, is all your tax stuff sorted, and do you have all the certificates installed?

    Good luck,

    QS :D

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  • yoenoeszyoenoesz Posts: 42Member
    Yup i did..

    i'm checking iTunesConnect every day, but it still says prepare for upload..

    What do you mean by Apple appliCaTIOn LoAdeR??
  • JohnPapiomitisJohnPapiomitis Posts: 6,256Member
    IF you dont know what application loader is, then you havent submitted your game to apple yet.

    When is says prepare for upload there should be a button at the top right of somethign you press and it will change from prepare to waiting for upload. You then compress and zip the .app file gamesald gives you back when publishing and upload threw application loader to apple.

    Application loader is how you submite a app so like i said if you havent used that yet, then your game hasnt been submitted
  • yoenoeszyoenoesz Posts: 42Member
    thanks for the help,

    but now i got another problem..
    when i try to upload my app trough application loader i choose the .zip file and then it gives an error like: application failed codesign verifiaction. the signature was invalid, or it was not signed with an apple submission certificate..

    ive tried everything, ive made new provisioning profiles, new certificates, new app id... nothing has solved the problem.. i cant get trough this windows, and the itunesconnect page says waiting for upload.

    can someone help me out please :( im frustrated, searching google, forums, but could not find my answer :( plzplzplz
  • gandgand Posts: 54Member
    Did you click on "Waiting for upload" button on iTunes Connect page and next checked "Yes" or "No" if your application has encryption?
  • xarmianxarmian Posts: 124Member
    It sounds like you built the app in Gamesalad with the wrong certificate. In the provisioning portal, there are several types of certificates you can generate, the important ones are Developer and Distribution. If you build an app with a Developer certificate, you can install it on your device directly but you can't submit that .app file to apple. To submit the app to apple, you need to select your Distribution certificate (when going through the publishing steps in GameSalad you'll have to choose the provisioning profile, choose the Distribution one).

    You'll know it's right because at the end, GameSalad will give you one of two screens:

    1. If you chose a Developer certificate, your options after it saves the .app file will be 1) find the app in Finder or 2) load the app into iTunes to test on your device

    2. If you chose a Distribution certificate, your options after it saves the app file will be 1) find in Finder or 2) send the app to Apple. If you choose option #2 then it will automatically ZIP your .app file and open Application Loader for you to then follow the last few steps.

    Once you've uploaded, your apps status in itunesconnect will (almost instantly) change to Waiting for Review. So until you hit Waiting for Review status, there's something still needing to be done on your side.

    Hope this helps. There are a few tutorial videos on the process too.. here's one that tshirtbooth made, I haven't watched this myself so I'm not sure if it covers everything I just said, but his tutorials are usually very helpful:
  • yoenoeszyoenoesz Posts: 42Member
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