Sons Of Remus Lone Wolf version .90

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I would like to say thank you to the Gamesalad team and everyone who posted videos and tutorials. We started on Sons of Remus Lone Wolf back in December 2010 and have grown with every new rendition of Gamesalad. We are currently creating the MMO, Planet Cyrene, on the Cryengine 2 and wanted to use an iPhone app to help promote it as we get closer to launch.

The choice was made to use Gamesalad back in December and I assigned a small team with a few assistants along the way. Although we feel many people helped greatly the majority of the work was done by 3 artists, 2 Gamesalad techs and 1 graphics artist. We feel extremely confident that Gamesalad will continue to grow and provide a great platform for professional and amateur game developers.

Special thanks to T-Shirt Booth, Codemonkey, Orbz, Toastkitten, Firemaplegames, Quantumsheep, Tendrmer, and Johnmulcahy for posting the tutorial videos and forum posts. Please keep an eye out as we plan on doing some press releases and talking about our MMO, SoRLW and Gamesalad as soon as we launch with Version 1.0 of the game.


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    good luck with it. It looks VERY polished.
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    Oh wow - congrats! Looks extremely lovely!

    Glad I could help, but I don't remember how or when! :D

    Good luck with the game - hope you make enough to help fund your MMO!

    Do you have a Youtube/trailer vid available?


    QS :D

    Dr. Sam Beckett never returned home...

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    Wow a new twist, sci-fi vs mystical.
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    Thank you.

    To Quantumsheep, you helped by posting replies to other peoples problems and thereby helping us with similar issues. = )

    We are also working currently on getting an intro video to put up on youtube before the 1.0 release. Also as for the MMO, it is almost done so we are using this game more for promotional use. We are however liking Gamesalad so much that we will be going with the pro version and releasing some other IP on the app store.
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    Hello Gamesalad team. I think I followed the instructions on getting our game Sons of Remus added onto the "On The App Store" section for the site. Is there a normal wait period that I am unaware of or perhaps I missed a step? Also wondering how I add the game to my profile? Currently it shows games at 0.

    Any and all help much appreciated.

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