Gravity Tilt Lite launched Today-Free

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Gravity Tilt Lite is a free game I made with gamesalad for the iPad

Check it out

Gravity Tilt Lite is a challenging puzzle game were the goal is to get the earth through a maze of barriers.

This game takes full advantage of the iPads accelerometer. You move the earth by simply tilting the device in the direction you want earth to move.

Along the way you must avoid a variety of obstacles. Some worm-holes have gravity that pulls the earth in. Others have a repulsive force that pushes the earth away. Try to navigate through the maze of obstacles to reach the goal in the least amount of time.

This addicting action packed puzzle game includes 6 challenging levels. Get the full version to play many more levels.

This app was designed exclusively for the iPad.

This game has no ADs

The background images throughout the game are from NASA and take full advantage of the iPads high resolution screen.
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