have you ever get these kind of emails???



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    osucowboy18 said:
    OH MY GOSH!!! That is exactly who I thought it was! About a month ago, I was having an issue with my project that I couldn't figure out. So, I posted my question on the forums, and GsLover offered to fix my project. After thinking it over, and realizing he had been somewhat helpful to other members lately, I sent him the project. However, because I'm not an idiot, I removed ALL the images, all the other scenes in the project, as well as everything that didn't have to do with the bug, which was just a scrolling menu issue btw. So, as promised, he fixed it and sent it back to me in no time at all. After thanking him for it, he asked if I had a copy of Darren's Project Attributes program. I told him I did, and then he asked if I would send him a copy. I of course told him no because being both a Windows software developer, and an Apple developer, I stood by the philosophy that the developer should be paid what he charges for the software he creates. He responded saying he understood, and I never herd from him again. For the next month, he seemed as if he had learned his lesson, so I never thought of it again...until this thread that is.

    - Alex

    wow, gslover cheats lots of people!!
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    here is another one
    Hey Calvin9403
    My name in GS is ******.
    For me this is a sensitive issue because I don't want to offend anybody. I am looking for a partner or someone to share templates with. No body have said that this can't be done althought I think it would be bad if you do it openly and with every body.
    That is why I am looking for only one person to do this with. I am contacting you because in a post I read that you were interested in one template.
    I have bought a lot but the reallity is that they are coming out faster than light and being a student my budget is very limited.
    I have tools and templates from Darren and Wayne, templates from tshirt and aaron asher.
    What I was thinking is that if you are ok with this, we could exchange templates and/ or tools so you can buy only the ones I don't have and then we exchange them.
    I you are interested please let me know and I will send you the list of the ones I have. Also if you have any already, please let me know.
    Thanks a lot
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    Who was that from?

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    can I say?
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    Yeah, of course.

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