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Control Scheme theory

ktfrightktfright Posts: 964Member
edited November -1 in Working with GS (Mac)
i had an idea about a new control method for gamesalad- (but note that this has never been tried before.(in theory)

DRFT for example...

1. how about i make a new actor1
2. give it a rule that says that when mouse is over actor AND mouse press is down

lets say i wanted my car actor to rotate 120 degrees right

3. in the rule, tell it to rotate the player actor 120 deg. to the right every time you press the actor1
4. give an actor a right arrow looking type of button or something.
5. place the actor someplace where the button would want to be pressed on the screen.( also, make sure it is on non scrollable)

this just came off the top of my head, so idk if it works, but hopefully, if it works, then i have found out a way to make my own basic control scheme for my game that could be applied to someone else's game.

to great game making...
ktfright - ; )


  • ktfrightktfright Posts: 964Member
    nope, it doesnt work, or at least it doesnt for my game. i try on something else.

    eh chefs, anyone figure out how to not have the gamesalad d-pad show up on certain scenes like my menu? a tut would be nice :D
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