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Administrators, Posters And Game/Movie/Music Reviewers!

swoodswood Posts: 6Member
I am looking for an administrator to help me boost activity on AF. The candidate must have descent punctuation and grammar, be very polite and friendly, be able to invite more users to the forum, join in with forum discussion and make members feel at home. It would be very helpful if the candidate had good experience with SEO, creating themes and installing mods. Please state whether you have experience with any of them in the pm.

Forum Posters
I am looking for some forum posters to drum up activity. Forum posters will simply be required to post and interact with other members on AF

Game Reviewers
Reviewers will be required to write reviews on old and new games. A posting template is supplied to make it a little easier for you. No minimum amount of reviews a month a required, but we would like to see as many as possible. Also no minimum post count for reviews either.

Music Reviewers
Same as above but you'd be reviewing albums.

Movie Reviewers
Again, same as above but you'd be reviewing movies.

To be a reviewer you need to have a descent grasp on english grammar and punctuation. That said, no prior experience is required.

If you want to apply or want more info send a message to me:
[email protected]
Thank you for your time
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