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Graphic Artist Wanted

RevdogoodRevdogood Posts: 1Member
Hey Everyone, I'm fairly new to the site and i have to say i love it.
I'm looking for a graphic artist to help make the games i make go from a hobby to a living. I would really like to team up with a partner and go 50/50 on the revenue.
I've been using x code and cocos2d for a couple years, so i have some background in developing. I have watched and read every tutorial available for game salad(i know that's not a lot of experience, but i learn exponentially fast),and I'm majoring in computer programing and business.

If interested, contact me at [email protected]
Thanks for looking.


  • Graz73Graz73 Posts: 13Member
    Sounds interesting.
  • calebdanielscalebdaniels Posts: 54Member
    Depending on the game I would most certainly be willing to pitch in some graphics.
  • 3d103d10 Posts: 471Member
    are you perfect with gs.I will like 60/40 split beacuse you know art is such a concept type thing
  • billpaternobillpaterno Posts: 26Member
    sent you an email
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