Easy Gameplay Mechanics - $Best Offer

DonaldMDonaldM Member Posts: 48
After the success of my last job posting, I have decided to do one other small job offer. This one is substantially less work than the previous job so I will be hearing BEST OFFERS for this task.

*I do understand that most of the things requested may be in a video.

-Randomly generating actors moving across the screen
-Accelerometer Controls
-Main Actor reacts differently when making contact with certain types of other actors
-Timer - Score kept by Time - Saved on main screen
-Buttons to make main character briefly change attributes
-A few other specific Main Actor Traits

Please feel free to email me your offers for this job. There are a few guidelines for the job though and they are as follows:

-Must be over the age of 18
-Must be a legal resident of United States
-All work must be original unless otherwise supplied by us
-All payments will be made through PayPal ONLY (no cash, checks or money orders)
-Payment received upon completion of the template, only after I am emailed a screen capture video of the functioning product.

If you are interested, please email me at don.mcghee@gmail.com

I am looking for the best offer as well as a person who understands that we can only pay a person if we receive what we need. If you are not confident in living up to the specifications, please refrain from emailing me about THIS particular job, I will have more in the future. Any links to your games would be helpful!

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