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Hi Everyone from Bluefeathergames

KrogothicKrogothic Posts: 123Member, PRO
edited November -1 in Introductions
Just upgraded my membership and wanted to say hello, This is more like a hobby of mine in hopes to supplement my wife's income so she can stop working her crappie job.

But I will try to chime in and help on the forums when I can, since working with GS, I do have to say the GS forums are full of great people a few knuckle heads but thats allways good for a laugh )

I look forward to speaking with everyone on the forums, and want to thank everyone who has helped me get started here.




  • DevilsDevils Posts: 561Member
    Welcome Krogothic you will have fun on these forums :)
  • steve86steve86 Posts: 806Member
    welcome Krogothic..

    If you work REALLY hard not only does your wife can quit her job but you can also quit your job and make a nice living here.

    Let us know if you need any help.

  • KrogothicKrogothic Posts: 123Member, PRO
    That would be awesome, but I do have a pretty nice job and not sure the income potential is there to replace that and my benefits but I sure will try !
  • DrGlickertDrGlickert Posts: 1,135Member
    Welcome! I'm a forum Doctor. Let me know if I can help!
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