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Creating a title is hard...

LogicalParadoxLogicalParadox Posts: 2Member
edited November -1 in Introductions
So I'll just say hi! I tend to find the simpler things so much harder to do.

Hello all, I'm hailing from Austin, Texas where it's hot during the day and only gets hotter at night. I'm currently attending Penn State for college and am back for the summer after completing my first year of college, which in and of itself was an enlightening experience. Going there and coming back I feel I know the world yet I still find ways to learn and absorb all there is to gain from those around me.
I'm a writer as a hobby, but I'm looking into the communication field for my major. I love being able to create worlds as vast as most of today's MMOs, but I find doing so via word is quite challenging, so I decided to go into the communication field to find what truly makes people think and use their imaginations.
I am a gamer as well, though, unless there is some creative aspect to a game, I will not play it. I like making things, being able to recolor, rename, redesign, and revalue things is what draws me to a game. Anything from Tower Defense games to DC Universe to Fallout 3, if it allows you to be unique and diverse from everyone else, I will try it. As of now, Minecraft is turning me into a mining junky, though my favorite programs are Map editors like that of Warcraft 3, Starcraft 2, and some older map editors. Minecraft does add a bit of a unique aspect to it in that it isn't a 256x256 map that is just for RTS style gaming, it is quite literally an endless world that one can do just about anything so long as you can find ways to do it.
I wanna try this program sometime and have my mind blown for sure!

I really havn't said a lot about myself, but I hope I've sold enough to have some questions asked or some smiles given. I hope my user name isn't too confusing!


  • quantumsheepquantumsheep Posts: 8,188Member
    It's just a Paradox. Seems logical enough to me ;)

    Welcome - any fan of Fallout 3 is a friend of the sheep! :D

    So do you have GS installed yet?

    QS :D

    Dr. Sam Beckett never returned home...

  • LogicalParadoxLogicalParadox Posts: 2Member
    Sadly I do not, from what I've discovered it is a purely Mac operated system, though once a PC version is up and running, or I get a Mac, I'll be locked in my room with the lights off for sure! lol
  • kapserkapser Posts: 458Member
    Any fan of Warcraft3/Starcraft2 is a friend of Kaps :)

    Welcome here even you're a non-user. I also believe creativity is an aspect that can make a game really interresting. It's not only about user-created content, but the creativity you can use to get to win in an innovative way.

    I'm also hoping for a PC version (not using my own Mac for GameSalad)
    Hope you get your way to a mac and start making some game, which can be even lot more rewarding and addicting than minecraft :)
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