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Button to Control Character

Mr.pHMr.pH Posts: 26Member
edited November -1 in Working with GS (Mac)
I was wondering how you can have it so when you press a button(actor) with the mouse that it can move another actor in the scene.



  • iboneibone Posts: 13Member
    create a rule, when actor receives event, spawn actor
  • Mr.pHMr.pH Posts: 26Member
    My bad....what I ment to say was there is a pre-existing actor in the scene called character. I want to press a button I have in the scene with an arrow on it. When I press the button, I want to character to move a certain direction. How can I do that seeing that they are two different actors.....
  • LARSLARS Posts: 19Member
    Create a global boolean variable and a character rule: when var. is TRUE then Move)
    Button press rule sets the var. to TRUE.

    If you have a multiple actors, you can make a integer variable and control 'em by this kind of ID)))
  • LARSLARS Posts: 19Member
    because of absence of arrays, you can also create a 10 variables (called Actor1_flag, Actor2_flag...or id) of 10 copies of "Actor" and control them so.
  • Mr.pHMr.pH Posts: 26Member
    Sweet!! Thanks
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