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New Game Studio Creation - Team Members Wanted

dugisthekingdugistheking Member Posts: 83
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Hello All,

I am new to GS and have watched many tutorials and played around with it. It is clearly a fantastic tool with amazing potential. Rather than work on my own, I want to assemble a team, a collection of people who share the same goals as me : To eventually produce a best selling game in the app store.
I am looking for part time team members to provide input as little as a few times a month or more if possible on working together to produce this product.

I will be the project co-ordinator as I have experience in this field. I am looking for anyone who would like help be part of an amazing voluntary team. The best part is, we can do all of this with out spending a penny - as we can talk over the Internet for free and use the free version of GS to create a prototype app.

First stage would be to notify me you would like to be part of the team.
I am looking to get anything from a team of 5 to 10 people.
I already have a plan of action (including design, testing and targets to acheive) and very much look forward to hearing from you if you are interested. The final stage of this would be that after we are happy with the product we have made and tested, I would then form an official company studio, all with contracts and share the proceeds if any for our work.

Please write to [email protected]
Please tell me a little bit about yourself and your experience with GS and the what role you think you can add to this project.
Please ensure your e-mail title is "New Game Studio - Team Member application"

Together anything is possible!
Doug James


  • RHRH Member Posts: 1,079
    Have you got any samples of what you do/ what you will bring to the team? If you're just going to co-ordinate you might not get much of a response.
  • dugisthekingdugistheking Member Posts: 83
    Hi RH,

    My main aim to assemble a team together to start the ball rolling. I have many concept ideas already with music and sound taken care of. I just need input from others for what will or wont work and the best way to go about creating it. I am not highly skilled using GS.
  • kapserkapser Member Posts: 458
    I might be interrested in helping as I can, at least testing and giving feedback. I'm also not highly skilled with GS and some other artist shall do a better job than me, so I could help as much as possible with the design.

    I'm just a bit afraid that this isn't the best approach. I don't want to be negative, but to be honest a team of 10 people part time might go nowhere.

    As an experienced coordonator, you probably know that such a big team for this kind of small game is extremely chaotic and hard to organize.
  • dugisthekingdugistheking Member Posts: 83
    Hi Kasper. Thanks for your feedback. I am in no rush but first of all I want to get a team of people who are interested in this, such as yourself. I think this has huge potential as everyone who makes the team can contribute something, from concept, ideas and art design, to the actual implementation and production.

    You have already said you are interested so that is 3 people so far. Please drop me an e-mail so I can include on where we go from here. First step is a skype meet and greet and idea session :)

    A positive attitude is the biggest part :)
  • slash97slash97 Member Posts: 38
    This may be an obvious question, but how do u create a poll?
  • slash97slash97 Member Posts: 38
    RyanKyleSmith said:
    It only works if you start the thread, but there should be a button to add one at the top.

    ok, thanks
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