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YANIV! The Most Addictive Card Game EVER - for iPhone & iPod Touch - Promo

yagoyagoyagoyago Posts: 1Member
edited November -1 in Non-GS Game News
Hi Guys,

We've developed a new card game for the iPhone/iPod touch that you probably all know.
YANIV is a fast and slick card game and the only current YANIV game on the app store!
YANIV! (also known as Fiji, Marshall, Janne and Dalya) is played against 1-3 opponents of your choice,
The main goal is getting rid of as much cards as you can and keep the lowest cards sum in your hand.
Each player that the sum of cards in his hand is less or equal to 7 can declare YANIV! and win the round.

BEWARE! if some other opponent has a lower sum of cards in hand you'll get an ASSAF! and become the loser.
This goal may sound simple at first but believe us :) you'll need more then just luck to win this "simple" game!

Well, what do you say? are you still up for the challenge?
If so, download YANIV! now and become the new worldwide YANIV! king.

Join our Facebook group:

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For more details please visit our website:


Promo Codes:
If you'd like to get a chance to win more codes please hit "Like" on
our Facebook page and join us on Twitter


Enjoy and expect updates soon!
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