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Another Interview, this time for Me, not my company

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It is in spanish:

Will Translate it with Google:

Although not yet 25 years, and has a career as a magician, commercial engineer, businessman and university professor of digital games. Innovative, dedicated and committed to everything it does, this young man is a living example that love is power.

By: Karen V. Cordovez

Nicolas Palacios was only six years when he decided to use parts of their toys to build some robots with batteries. Innate entrepreneur since then has never stopped figuring out how to make a reality of each of the ideas that come to mind. "From childhood I was always doing new things," says the girl who at nine, and after the visit to Chile of the outstanding American illusionist David Copperfield, he determined to leave their toys forgotten to enter the world of magic . So much so that before the age of majority was able to build a career as a magician who, during their first years of college, let him earn extra money to cover their costs and rub shoulders with some of the most famous magicians of the continent.

How did you get started in magic?
I first started to learn some tricks with a magic kits, but then, as at 15, I started to improve studying some very good books I brought from the United States and helped me, especially, to learn tricks with cards. Long after the magician took classes with Fernando Larraín, and have since taken advantage of the internet to acquire new books and DVDs that allow me to continue to improve as a magician.

How did you dedicate to the magic and do not neglect your studies?
What happens is that I learned from very young to learn to organize my time ... I think that has been instrumental in my life.

At just 24 years, Nicholas has a resume that already would like any professional with years of experience. It is also a magician, is a commercial engineer, holds a Masters in marketing, making classes at a university, and started it off with his brother Diego (20 years) a company that creates and sells applications in the official Apple. His latest creation, the game "Pig E Dash", had over 300 thousand downloads in a week, allowing them to taste success, to draw media attention and become known.

How was a sales engineer ended up creating a game for Iphone?
When I was in college I had a programming course was pretty basic, but then I was able to take three courses over this matter and that allowed me to learn a lot.

With programming courses did I develop my own applications and in 2008 I became the first Chilean to launch an application on the Apple site. In any case, were at first very basic stuff, but in early 2010 I started taking the issue more seriously and it was then we decided, with my brother Diego, making a game for iPhone.

In the process of carrying out our idea, we realized we needed a designer, and there we met Andrew, who agreed to work on this project even knowing that in the first stage would not have how to pay. With him on our team started work and in October last year we launched our first game, with which we were not as good as expected. However, with a little self understood that as an application was quite basic and lacked a little more developed. A month later launched a second set was much more refined, but equally was not the "boom" that we wanted.

And after two unsuccessful projects, what motivated you to not "give up" and continue to undertake in this area?
The truth is that my brother and Andrew we never gave up, so one day we met and together we devised a super fun game, which is the "E Pig Dash." We know you just ready I realized that this application was going to be fine ... in fact I told my family and friends, I said the game would be top 1 in Chile and thanks to the coverage would in press, but nobody believed me as much (laughs). Fortunately I was right, because to date there are over 500 thousand people in the world who have the game on your Iphone and all media are interested in us.

Why he was released for free?
It was a marketing strategy. What we wanted was that through free downloads of "Pig E Dash" we make ourselves known, our brand and in some way help to go up the sales of our other games.

How much does it take to create a game?
Developed the idea in 30 minutes and in less than four months we are ready to launch on Apple's website, where I have an account as a developer.

You are an engineer, do classes, you are forming your company, you are a magician, and also imagine that you have social life ...
Yes, I have a girlfriend for years (laughs).

And what time do you have time to pay for all your professional areas and also share with your family and girlfriend?
The weather always makes it one .... is not true that sometimes enough hours in the day to do new things. I believe that everything works if you know how to organize and work efficiently.

What would you say is the key to successfully undertake?
I think that goes for not only deciding to do something, but it flatly. Everyone says "I have an idea, but very few dare to carry out what they want to do and this is without doubt the most important step.
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