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Max Vector Remix!

POLYGAMePOLYGAMe Posts: 3,470Member
edited November -1 in Non-GS Game News
Well, kinda...

Max Vector is currently being rebuilt and will have a funky new 3D, yet still retro look. It will retain the funky 8-Bit Weapon soundtrack and 2D shoot-em-up gameplay.

This will be v1.2 of Max Vector: Resolution and will be available as a free upgrade to existing customers (or a 99c app for new players). It will also be deployed for PC and Mac!

Will keep you posted on progress!!!

EDIT: I am also happy for people to play with and use the MV GS files, if they want them:


  • design219design219 Posts: 2,273Member
    Good to see you've not left completely.

    Welcome back!
  • POLYGAMePOLYGAMe Posts: 3,470Member
    Thanx :)
  • scitunesscitunes Posts: 4,047Member, Sous Chef
    What are you using to get it on PC?
  • POLYGAMePOLYGAMe Posts: 3,470Member
    I'm doing it in Unity. Was going to write it natively in C++ but I want to be able to port to other systems easily... my coding skills aren't good enough to be able to build out for multiple systems!
  • scitunesscitunes Posts: 4,047Member, Sous Chef
    Cool. Good luck with it - I always thought it was a really fun game.
  • POLYGAMePOLYGAMe Posts: 3,470Member
    Cheers, it will be a heap better now :)
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