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Hi all.
When we first released our game we found it really hard to get good honest feedback and during developement had a little trouble getting reliable advice.
After talking to alot of independent developers and finding out they had similar problems and also, they wanted to advertise and didn't really have the budgets. My partner and I decided to have a little go at rememdying this problem and trying to help other people like us out a little.
So we have just launched a new site, offering reviews and advice for independents, without the big guys there to push the little guys out.
We're also offering advertising on a donation basis
And we are hoping to create a community of experienced people and people new to developing who can help each other out, share their experiences and advice and work together giviing honest and realible feedback.
If you're interested check us out
I am looking forward to meeting some new people :D
I am also looking forward to playing around with gamesalad.
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