Artist needed - small project and animation

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Hi, I'm looking to hire someone to do a small job for me. Preferably an artist that uses illustrator. I'm looking for friendly/ clean

I need some simple animation created for a character that I have a mock up of already. I also need the character (a penguin) added to as he doesn't look like much of a character at the moment. I also need three smaller fish designed with a simple swimming animation.

I've estimated that I will need 3 stills and 5 - 8 frames of animation for the penguin and 9 frames of animation (3 for each) for the little fish. About 17-20 images over all.

Gamesalad actor sizes are (width/height):

Penguin - 54x22
Little Fish - 20x10

The sizes are changeable within small variations.

I have a budget but would rather you gave me an honest quote as I don't want to underpay and receive half-hearted work (or over pay!).

Email me for more details on the animation at rhgamesalad[@] and preferably a link to some of your work.


EDIT: I have emailed someone, so for now please don't send me an email.


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