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What websites are the best for finding royalty free music?

butterbeanbutterbean Posts: 4,315Member, PRO
Just wanted to see where people are getting music for their game? Even if it's royalty free or under the creative common's license, you have to give credit to the author, right?

If so, where do people plan to place the credits for the music?

I thought about placing an icon in the menu that says credits, and people can click on it and see who contributed to the music and the graphics

What are your thoughts?


  • ktfrightktfright Posts: 964Member
    i write and produce my own music.
  • danreldanrel Posts: 28Member

    I was either going to attempt to write some myself, although I'm not that good at it :) or I was thinking about trying to enlist one of my friends the bands 'Annuals' or 'Sunfold' to help out with it if I run into problems. They're outstanding musicians :) Although, I think they're on tour now...

    - danrel
  • BoinkologyBoinkology Posts: 7Member
    For any people thinking about music, If you don't mind electronic music for your game, I would recommend going to and using their Audio Tool. Its a flash based app that contains drum machines and synthesizers, and a 16 step tone matrix sequencer as well as an array of pretty darn good filters such as reverb, pitch delay, bitcrusher, and others. Its free to use, but more importantly, you can save out your composition to a file (you do have to register, but its free) from here, you can use Audacity to convert over to the ideal format. This along with CFXR ( are some great audio resources for anyone using Game Salad.

    It's pretty easy to use, and its fun! Plus you get original royalty free music that you made yourself. Awesome!

    This along with CFXR ( are some great audio resources for anyone using Game Salad.

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