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I have allready read a lot of posts in the forum from ppl who had the same problem. But I couldn't fix it yet.
When I'm trying to publish the game, at the end a pop message said: Code signing failed. Make sure your provisioning profile, developer certificate, and WWDR certificate are installed.

I try to delete all of them, then create news, and install all again and still don't work. I have all instaled, I saw the video tutorial also.

But I can't fix it! Help me please, I have all in my keychain, the WWDR, certificates, the provisioning is in the xCode.

What can I make to fix that problem?

Sorry for bad english.


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    I have had 3 years of this, so hopefully can help. You need to make sure that your certificate first (on iTunes connect) is all upto date and either the 'development' one (if your testing) or the 'distribution' one (if your releasing.

    You then need to make sure to set up your app id's in itunes connect (will now call ITC).

    Then you should download and install the certificates as the help suggests in the developer portal:

    Then you need to create your prov profiles, using the same app id, download to your mac and drag/install into xcode. Can I suggest you enter the 'Window -> Organizer' setting within xcode, select 'Provisioning Profiles' on the left and remove any old ones.

    Then you should be set to build from GS.

    Also, once you have installed the new profiles, can you please exit GS and restart so that it picks it up.

    Hope this helps, fire any more questions you have.

  • martinx09martinx09 Member Posts: 29
    If you mean Provisioning Portal, because in iTunes Connect I really don't see any place where I can create a certificate. So if you mean Provisioning Portal I did all of that already and It still don't work.
  • martinx09martinx09 Member Posts: 29
    Help please, I'm stuck here!
  • robert.mccarthyrobert.mccarthy Member Posts: 165
    Hi Martin,

    Do you have msn/skype. If so, let me know which one and PM me your id. I can help more/easier that way and then we can post the results/work around when sorted for others.
  • DieganDiegan Member Posts: 55
    I would LOVE if you could also assist me on this, tomorrow I will try to fix this issue, and I am a little lost :S
  • robert.mccarthyrobert.mccarthy Member Posts: 165
    Anyone needing help with the apple side of things, PM me your msn/skype and I will get back to you.
  • DieganDiegan Member Posts: 55
    PM sent :)
  • martinx09martinx09 Member Posts: 29
    Thanks for your help! PM Sent with my msn :)
  • DieganDiegan Member Posts: 55
    I've been fighting through all the process for hours now again, this is the second day that I devote hours and it's so frustrating I wanna cry :(

    Right now I have all the certificates in green, but in the 'keys' part of the keychain acess I have nothing :(

    It's driving me crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • DieganDiegan Member Posts: 55
    To make matters worse, I cannot just go and revoke my certificate and create a new one from scratch, because I am not the main developer here, my buddy is the one that has everything correctly set up and the owner of the account, so I cannot just delete and let him in the dark side :(
  • martinx09martinx09 Member Posts: 29
    If you find a solution please post it in here.
  • renatonrenaton Member Posts: 1
    Hi All... i have exact the same problem =( and ... yes this problem its frustrating and driving me crazy too =(
    same error message:
    "code signing failed. make sure your provisioning profile, developer certificate, and WWDR certificate are installed"
    so... i have created my developer, distribution and WWDR certificates OK... and app ID its created OK and at last, provisioning profile for the game that i want distribute its OK too... and, when i publish my game using a provisioning of "developer"... ok GS publish, but the game only works in my own device... and when i select the provisioning profile that set to "distribution" the ERROR message appears...

    "code signing failed. make sure your provisioning profile, developer certificate, and WWDR certificate are installed."

    Im stuck here... and i see a lot of GS lovers are stuck in this process too...

    anyone can help me here? im main admin of my individual account at apple dev. program,,,
    if i reset all certificates, provisionings, etc... and start again this will be solved? anyone try this with sucess?

    its frustrating... cause GS is a nice plataform...

    if someone can please help me my GMAIL (gtalk) is renaton (at) and my skype username is: renatodigiorgio

    thanks a lot of all members of GS community!

    Hugs from Brazil. and i hope all members that have this same problem one day can solve it =(

    Renato Di Giorgio
  • TJMNUTTJMNUT Member Posts: 236
    so you need to create a different provisioning profile for publishing?
  • JohnPapiomitisJohnPapiomitis Member Posts: 6,256
    TJMNUT said:
    so you need to create a different provisioning profile for publishing?

    yes you need to creat a DISTRIBUTION provisiong profile for publishing
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