Ball pingu

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this game has iphone verison.

itunes link:

Do you like to nail penguins with snowballs? We thought so. The goal of this game is to hit penguins into a dartboard with a snowball. To play, just tap on the game screen and a whale will toss a snowball into the air towards flying penguin. The point on the dartboard the penguin hits is determined by the angle it faces in the air (the penguin rotates) and the height it is in its fall.

The theoretical maximum score is 1,000 (each of 10 shots scores a bull's eye for 100 points). We've been playing this in the offices for years and never gotten anywhere near that. If you get close to 1,000 then please post your high scores in the reviews!


TAP the screen to throw snowball

TAP position defines throw direction


Hit position affects vertical direction

Pingu rotation(at hit) affects left/right direction

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