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I need advice

ClunkyDClunkyD Posts: 74Member
I need some advice on how to start doing graphics/art and animation.

Can anyone help me along the way? I am willing to pay by Paypal :)


  • old_kipperold_kipper Posts: 1,420Member
    If you really have no clue at all I would say start simple and aim for something that you can manage. You can draw and animate in anyone one of hundreds of programs out there and many are free or cheap. If you have a scanner or a camera you can work on paper and then get it in to the computer and edit it within one of the art programs. If you have little artistic skill, I would start with 'pixel art' (so a search). For this Pixen works well. For drawn animation I would start with Pencil at . It is free and will get you going.

    There are hundred of tutorials on Youtube for making animation and images so you will just have to choose which look and route you want to go, and then dive in to learning.

    Good Luck!

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