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Honest opinions please.

GnomerGnomer Posts: 292Member
Hi guys,
JUst posted some of my new characters on my site and was wondering if you could check them out and tell me what you think



  • old_kipperold_kipper Posts: 1,420Member
    Really nice with have a quirky modern style. Stick with them and I would do a font by hand to match so you keep the look across everything.

    Minor adjustment you might make are based on if really small on screen they might loose a little as the line might get a little indistinct, so depending on what they actually look like I might strengthen/broaden the line. I do like the colours as well, so would make the background to match style wise, but work with colour and tone to make sure the characters stay visually clear.

    Hope that helps. great work.

  • GnomerGnomer Posts: 292Member
    Cheers mate :)
  • JamwithnoJamwithno Posts: 312Member
    I really like your artwork. The only thing I that it's not my drawings. Great job.
  • GnomerGnomer Posts: 292Member
    Thanks Jamwithno :)
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