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Issue with 1024 images ?

ARandomDayARandomDay Posts: 124Member, PRO
Hi guys, second day here and already needing to ask a puzzling question (to me at least)

Im making a platform game targeting the ipad - so far im running proof of concept tests to plan all of the features that I want to get in (as its my first GS game im learning all the tricks I can do with the GS SDK)

Now I have a 1024(x) by 185(y) images that I want to replicate / spawn / destroy so that it runs in a continuos loop, leaving the left side of the screen and coming back around or spawning onto the right before you say it I know there has been a lot of discussion and threads about this already as I have looked at them and altered my design to suit (to no avail). Each and every time I try the platform only scrolls maybe 2 or three times then it goes blank.
I have also noticed that even if I go back in and switch off attributes even the move command the damn thing still this a glitch of GS's? Because its bloody annoying as hell!

Techniques that I have tried are spawn and destroy along with replicating....
My replicate method is as follows....

move - blah blah blah....
rule - when = all, Attribute self.position.X less than -512
-change attribute self.position.X to 2048+self.position.X

replicate - replication direction 180 copies = 2, spacing=1024
replicate - replication direction 0 copies = 2, spacing=1024

Maybe im just not seeing something obvious here, if anyone can shed a bit more light I would be very grateful.

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