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Hey guys,

I thought when you published the game, on the second step you clicked advanced options and then in there you could disable to GS splash? I guess I am wrong, I just bought pro and couldnt figure out how to do it. Also, with url forwarding I have an actor and it says when touch is pressed, then my behavior is open url and I have www.facebook.com/jordanmorganapps but it does nothing. How do I correctly use this great feature?

Thanks in advance,



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    If you're testing in the creator, I don't believe the URL feature works...
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    I figured that...this was an ad hoc build. I really want that splash gone though too....and at least for game center in the stickies there are videos for that so i just need to get these two things squared away.
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    Sorry but I am in somewhat of a hurry. Leaving for the weekend and want to show the new build to my family but for the life of me I can't get the GS splash screen off or get my open URL working :-/ I've tried searching
    these topics but not with any luck.
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    I don't actually have pro yet but from what I understand you have to use an image in the advanced section and select it otherwise it just shows the GS splash screen, I hope that helps.
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    yeah for pro you dont disable the splash screen per say, you replace it with your own. If your a pro memeber in advanced section when you publish it will ask you for your custom splash image. But like i said you dont disable it you replace, so if you dont put your own the gamesalad one will still show. If you dont have a logo or splash screen you want to show just make a image that says loading or something
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    Get the splash off by placing in your own pic. I know that's dumb but until GS gives an option to just go with nothing then you need to put in your own image
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    Thanks GR,

    I found a thread asking the same question:


    However Jon refers to a post from the CEO on how to accomplish this but I can't seem to find the post to which he is referring
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    Thanks guys. I made sure I was logged in and pressed publish...so then I just need to press advanced options and where exactly do I place my image? I would check but not by my comp.....

    Any good references on URL forwarding?
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    Thanks John
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