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Changing Colour Attribute

MarcusOMarcusO Posts: 147Member
How do I change the colour attribute of an actor, e.g from red to blue when a certain condition is met.

From "Rule" if the condition is mouse button pressed, i've tried using "change attribute" to change the self.Colour. Blue = 1 . but nothing happens. The
box stays the default colour red.



  • JohnPapiomitisJohnPapiomitis Posts: 6,256Member
    the actors use rgb so to change the color to red you would do

    when touch is pressed-
    change attribute to 1
    change attribute to 0
    change attribute self .color. blue to 0
  • MarcusOMarcusO Posts: 147Member
    Thanks John.

    As you have guessed, i'm new to the Game Salad World.
    I was leaving out the other to colour attribute settings.
    Just tried it as you suggested and it works.

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