Several questions regarding the publishing process

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Hi, last weekend I spent.... dunno, maybe 4 hours (no kidding) trying to put an app I created with gamesalad into my iphone to test it there. Impossible, too many variables, keychains, provisioning, a lot of stuff.

Anyway, this weekend I will try to do it again, luckily tshirtbooth came up with a new tutorial, I hope between tutorials and the forum I will be able to manage it. However, I have several question I would love someone to clarify to me.

- When I publish an app with gamesalad, what kind of file does it return? A .zip, a .app, what kind of file will it be? Will it be a standalone game, or a gamesalad viewer? Each time I want to test a new game, I need a new gamesalad viewer, or can I put several games in 1 gamesalad viewer?
- When I get the file, do I have to open it with xcode and make a build, and put that build into my iphone using itunes?
- Do I need 1 new provisioning profile and keychain for each new game that I want to test, or just one for the gamesalad viewer, and I can test different games with just the viewer?
- What does ad-hoc stands for? I looked at its definition but recarging gamesalad and iphone apps, I don't quite get what does people mean with ad-hoc.

Sorry, the ones that have it all setup may think I am an idiot, believe me when I tell you that I've read and watched almost all tutorials, and I can clearly say that there's a need for a guide for dummies like me. Everybody talks about the gamesalad viewer but nobody tells exactly how it is supposed to work.


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    1. An .app file
    2. You have to zipped the file and upload to iTunes connect if you want to sell it, if you want to test it, just drag the .app file to iTunes.
    3. New provisioning per new app, because every provisioning must have 1 new App id.
    4. AdHoc is just for devices that you select, for example your own iphone.
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    i too have spent numerous hours trying to figure it out.
    actually its pretty simple and tshirts vid is maybbe the best help we can find online.

    heres what i did.

    make sure ypu have a paid ios dev account.
    login to ios dev
    create a app id (i make a new one for every app)
    create a provisioning profile using the new app id.
    register your phone , if you havent registered it ever.
    download the provisioning profile.
    double click or open in xcode, the downloaded provisioning profile.
    publish app from gs.
    agree and upload.
    save the app file returned from gs
    drag drop the saved file to itunes.
    sync your phone.

    thats abt it, if you still get stuck send me a pm, would be glad to be of help.
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    Thank you, I am really stuck. And in my case, evewrything's 'harder', because I am not the owner of the account, so I cannot start from scratch, I need to be a part of the team, not the main user.
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