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STADIUM PINBALL ::: Official website

clikeclike Posts: 139Member, PRO
edited November -1 in Announce Your Game!
STADIUM PINBALL Official website now available!!!:
Waiting your comments ;)



  • BarrytheBarrythe Posts: 82Member
    Looks good but I can't get it to load properly in IE8 (I'm on a work PC). The text under the news and reviews section only shows up briefly while the page is loading, and then completely disapears once the page is fully loaded.

    Graphics are great though.
  • clikeclike Posts: 139Member, PRO
    Thanks Barry!, working on this problem. ;)

  • clikeclike Posts: 139Member, PRO
    Thanks Barry. ;)
  • BarrytheBarrythe Posts: 82Member
    No probs clike glad you could fix it :-)
  • clikeclike Posts: 139Member, PRO
    Hi uptimistik!.

    Really, not much at the moment, but only is available for iPad. SP for iPhone/iPod and Mac is under development. It's neccesary very much promotion: Facebook, Twitter, Web, Youtube, Blogs, etc.... The iTunes reviews are really good.
    I think it's a matter of emphasis. (sorry for my english) ;)

  • clikeclike Posts: 139Member, PRO
    Thanks to your help, Barry. ;)
  • clikeclike Posts: 139Member, PRO
    All info in:
    ...and follow Stadium Pinball in Twitter:
  • TheGamerTheGamer Posts: 94Member
    Very nice, never thought one could merge football and pinball in this way, well done.
  • clikeclike Posts: 139Member, PRO
    "TheGamer", thank you very much!.
    I think it's a question of imagination to make something original. Innovation isn't everything (sometimes).

    Regards ;)
  • MammothMammoth Posts: 640Member
    Wow great idea for a game :)
  • JPickardJPickard Posts: 477Member
    This is ingenious, and looks beautifully done.

    (minor flaw, mentioned only because typos turns some people off...and because you obviously love attention to detail)

    In the video you have weaknesses spelled: weacknesses

    I know it's a pain to redo, re-encode, and re-upload a video, but little flaws stand out when surrounded by such perfection.
  • clikeclike Posts: 139Member, PRO
    Ooops :( Thanks for your help "JPickard". Working on it...
    Thanks "Mammoth".
  • clikeclike Posts: 139Member, PRO
    Thanks "JPickard" ;)
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