Code Sign Error in VIDEO (Video making all the process, and final error)

martinx09martinx09 Member Posts: 29
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Look at the video and tell me what am I making bad.

Thanks for all help.


  • martinx09martinx09 Member Posts: 29
    Help me please, just watch the video and tell me what is wrong. I'm desperate!
  • MagoNicolasMagoNicolas Member, PRO Posts: 2,090
    I didi this certificate stuff on 2008, Really don't rembeber, but for me, was VERY difficult, hope someone who has done this this year can help you!
  • martinx09martinx09 Member Posts: 29
    I hope the same, thanks for your help anyways.
  • martinx09martinx09 Member Posts: 29
    In minute 6:55 just go direct to 9:40 because all that time it is on "Uploading".
  • robert.mccarthyrobert.mccarthy Member Posts: 165
    Martin, looking at your video, it looks like you do not install the WWDR certificate for distribution (only development).

    I'm not 100%, but this may be the reason why. Let me know how you get on.

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