Looking for comments on my latest game, "Coin Shot HD"

fstltnafstltna Member Posts: 96
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I am pretty much done except for some polishing, and i would like to get suggetions etc. Here is a gameplay video:

Let me know what you think...


  • RedlerTechRedlerTech Member Posts: 1,583
    I feel as if the gameplay is very slow & should be sped up.
  • fstltnafstltna Member Posts: 96
    uptimistik said:
    At the moment it seems like it needs some work done as respects the graphics. The game-play seems ok.

    Was that comment about the original background or the new one I just posted?
  • fstltnafstltna Member Posts: 96
    I'll have to look at what I can do for the graphics. I desaturated it so the background appeared darker and the pennies stand out. I also sped up the speed of the falling pennies and the rolling pennies at the bottom...

    The only reason to play it is to get a high-score, which unfortunately I don't have the pro edition of gamesalad to implement as a leaderboard. What are your suggestions?

  • fstltnafstltna Member Posts: 96
    Thanks for the pointers. I will see how I can implement those changes
  • fstltnafstltna Member Posts: 96
    Just updated the gameplay video:
  • SAZ_1SAZ_1 Member Posts: 397
    needs to be faster also why is the pig there??... and the speed does seem to be the issue here... why not make the ball rebound off the 'walls' on the left and right to make it more tricky then you have to manage 2 balls etc?
  • fstltnafstltna Member Posts: 96
    Your trying to get the quarters into the piggybank on the right, that is what the piggy is supposed to be anyway. :) you are competing on score, and also to win you need to get the quarter in 3 times, which is tricky. I will see about speeding up the game some more, but getting combos is part of it...
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