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I know we all love to talk games and whatnot here, but it would be cool, if you fancy it, if you could check out my new youtube channel for my new musical project "Dub Hooligan".

Our album is almost completed, and we have started putting up clips of the songs for people to have a listen to.

In all the years I have been a musician/producer, it's the thing I am probably most proud of.

Thanks for bearing with me and my blatant spamming of the channel, and I hope some of you like it :)



  • old_kipperold_kipper Member Posts: 1,420
    Love the sound. Brings back memories of Pay it all back and Frontline albums when I was a nipper. Have you got any dubbed up versions?

    I did a bit of mixing in Bristol in 80s and this so reminds me of those times. All nighters in the basement with a 16 track, a roland space echo, a plate, other people's smoke, and pink eyes.

    Look forward to the album and will keep and eye/ear out for it.

    good luck Kipper
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    Also love it; really excellent stuff. I've a friend who's into reggae/dub full-time; he'll love this to bits. I've only one dub reggae album in my record collection: Prince Far I, think it's called.

    What instrument do you play, Sparkyidr? (For interest, I'm a bass player of many years - tell a lie: ex-bass player nowadays, not counting the odd pub jam session...still got my guitar but amp went years ago!)

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  • SparkyidrSparkyidr Member Posts: 2,033
    Thanks for the kind words guys. @Kipper, I am sooooooo glad it's stirred up emotions like that in someone like you who has been there and done it. Shows we are on the right track :)

    I play a bit of everything, but mainly keyboards.

    Dub Hooligan is just 2 of us and we do all the instrumentation and drum programming and all the production/mixing ourselves........out of my bedroom ;)
  • old_kipperold_kipper Member Posts: 1,420
    So... are there any dub mixes for the bins?

    Our local bands then were Black Roots, Talisman, Mark and the Mafia, and of course The Worzel, There is a direct line from the Bristol reggae scene to the spawning (with a very heavy memory overhead) of Massive Attack, Portishead and the rest of the Trip Hoppers.
  • AsymptoteellAsymptoteell Member Posts: 1,362
    Sounds beatiful. Is spaaaaace panda going on this one?

    *edit* I meant beautiful. Pretend that was a music pun.
  • SparkyidrSparkyidr Member Posts: 2,033
    we have done some dubbed out remixes for other people. We just did one for the new Faction-G single for example. Got out all the old gear that Eamon has. Had a space echo running, some mental tape echo thing, some odd 1980's digital delay thing. Was a mental session. Oldskool!

  • old_kipperold_kipper Member Posts: 1,420
    Thanks. I really like it. Think you should do a Space Panda Weekend Dub Game remix comp. I'd be very tempted to throw my caution to the wind and give it a blast.

    The old tape echos (was it an echoplex?) used to get kinks in the rubber feed roller and through really odd kinks into the timing and pitch.

    The maddest night we had doing dubs was when there was a thunder storm on and we put a mic and each of the front and back doors of the house and mixed in the thunder live on the mix in stereo as it rolled over the house. Unbelievable effect after we got the levels sorted. Everyone in the control room almost wet themselves every time a clap went off.
  • SparkyidrSparkyidr Member Posts: 2,033
    I must admit I am not big on what gear is what (I come more from the computer age) :)

    The tape echo, all I remember about it is that is white and red...looks a bit like a lunchbox lol. I think it might be French, but I'm not sure why.

    Loving the fact you mixed a thunderstorm onto to a track. All kinds of cool right there!
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