Free Advertising?

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Hello, having difficulties getting my game noticed. I don't have the money for paid advertising yet, so I'd like to know of any decent places where I can advertise for free. It's very difficult for me to find these, so does anyone here know of any decent free advertising sites?


  • devjohnsondevjohnson Member Posts: 94
    If you want to try google AdWords I think it starts you with 75 free. It will require billing information, but as long as you don't go over the 75 they give you then you won't be billed.

    I tried this technique for my website with a budget of 5/day for 2 days. I was just seeing how well it would work, and with the right keywords and target area I was able to get about 15 clicks to go to my website on about $6 dollars. The ad made over 7k impressions on search results in one day, after I made some changes to keywords.

    I might try to use more of my free money from adwords when I release another game.
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