Newbie in need of some pointers

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Hi! Literally.. need pointers
I'm an hobby-programer who know my way around the codes and creation, but when it comes to graphics - I suck!
I'm a fair illustrator but have no idea how to do what I do on a computer. What programs to use to create platforms, background, sprites (and more complex actors) and general design..

Any pointers towards programs to use for this?


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    Adobe PhotoShop and illustrator are the paid ones you'll want and if you want free there is gimp(PhotoShop Equivalant) and inkscape(illustrator equivalant).
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    Yeah, I already have Illustrator GS5 since that is what you should use in the end. But it is definately to advanced for me so far.
    Will look up the other ones mentioned, thanks!
  • Damage242Damage242 Member Posts: 3
    What type of file should I save sprites and platform as to have the best use of them in gamesalad?
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