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free templates

kleeljkleelj Posts: 10Member
edited 11:35PM in Working with GS (Mac)
Does any very kind person on gamesalad have any FREE gamesalad templates, I am new to gamesalad and I really want a template to help me,

many thanks,


  • youngster9youngster9 Posts: 326Member
    When you open gamesalad you will get a screen. In this screen there will be a tab that says new. This tab helps you make new projects. If you are connected to wifi you can wait and some other templates will load besides the default ones. These are user generated templates. You can scroll through them and open any interesting ones. Besides this tshirtbooth has a free slide to play template on his website and on there are some great things. There are 3 free templates there.
    Hope this helps!

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