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Graphic Illustrator Available

DCGames25DCGames25 Posts: 23Member
Hello GameSalad Community, I'm new to the forums but have some clients who use this and recommended I stop by. Been doing quite a bit of work for mobile games for the last few years and thought it's time to offer my services to the community, I charge a fare rate and strongly believe I can help your games visually. Just let me know I am always available...
You can find contact info in this link


  • MarcusOMarcusO Posts: 147Member
    Where are you located?
  • DCGames25DCGames25 Posts: 23Member
    Raleigh, NC.
  • diegocsdiegocs Posts: 531Member
    hey daniel remember me , we talked about a project a few weeks bak, i have ditched that project and wanted to know if your interested on my new and better project, send me an email ([email protected]) if interested, also we keep the same 50/50 earning agreement as before
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