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I seem to be having some problems getting Game Centre to work.

I've set up in iTunes connect the following:

Game centre has been enabled for your app
A leader board has been set up for this app

I've added a post score and display leader board behaviour in the project, using the correct ID (no login)
Deployed an adHoc build to my device.
When I click on the post score button, or display leader board button for that matter, I get the following message:

There was an error logging into game centre. 'Game centre is not supported'

The status of my app is 'prepare for upload'

I've looked on the WIKI, and it does mention issues with the Test game centre. Do you think this could be my prob,em, or have I missed a crucial step?


  • PhanielPhaniel Member Posts: 34
    Use the Tshirtbooth and gamesaladcookbook tutorials.

    How to Set up Gamecenter for GameSalad:

    GameCenter Leaderboards instructions:

    Hope that helps! Ask if you have any questions!
  • PhanielPhaniel Member Posts: 34
    Oh I know! In the end of the first video(above) , it tells you. Watch both videos! They will solve you problem(s) .
  • prowlandprowland Member Posts: 24
    Thank you, the video's did help.

    My problem was not logging out and then back into Game Centre, all works now.
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