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Dev Needed

waxgoggleswaxgoggles Posts: 3Member
I'm looking for a developer and Artist to work on a fight game. I have done the character design and will need an artist to the animation. Because I'm currently deployed in Iraq I don't have the time to dedicate to the animation. The basics are:

Street fighter styled game with simplified game control
8 to 10 characters
Start scene
Character selection scene
fight level selection scene
Each character will have a fight level specific to them
I will need to be able to add audio to the game.
I have concept art done for the scene back grounds and I character design is done so I will only need the artist to animate.


Mickey Salters
GameSalad ID: Waxgoggles
[email protected]
Skype:nofukknmercy77 or 678-459-2407


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