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jump 'n' run game issue

arkonllfarkonllf Posts: 118Member
edited November -1 in Working with GS (Mac)
i managed to make most of the basic game but ive got one problem.
when the actor hits the platform the gravity goes down to 0 but
even after he goes off the platform the gravity stays on 0.
i used the overlaps or collide rule cause there is now rule like "comes in contact" or something like that
after the actor falls off the platform the gravity will go back to 270


  • DrGlickertDrGlickert Posts: 1,135Member
    If you only have one actor that is affected by gravity; I'd put an "Accelerate" behavior on the actor itself. Gravity (from what I understand) is not perfect and can be a bit tricky to perfect.

    You're better off putting an "Accelerate" 270degrees on the actor that is supposed to be effected by "gravity".

    Hope this helps oyu.
  • arkonllfarkonllf Posts: 118Member
    it didnt work just made the game much slower and
    when he hits the platform he just stops very slowly.
    any other way?
  • gamedivisiongamedivision Posts: 807Member
    increase the accelerate if you dont want it to bounce put 0 restitution on ground and character
  • arkonllfarkonllf Posts: 118Member
    didnt do any thing ^
  • gamedivisiongamedivision Posts: 807Member
    can you show us a screen shot of what your trying to accomplish
  • arkonllfarkonllf Posts: 118Member
    i uploaded a video:

    look how after the character goes to 0 gravity on the platform it stays on 0
    until i press to jump(changes gravity)
    (character taken only for now from iconfinder)
  • arkonllfarkonllf Posts: 118Member
    any one?
  • arkonllfarkonllf Posts: 118Member
  • arkonllfarkonllf Posts: 118Member
    Went down a page...people I need help.
  • JohnPapiomitisJohnPapiomitis Posts: 6,256Member
    post a screenshot of all the rules in that actor
  • POMPOM Posts: 2,599Member
    תקשיב אני חושב שפיזיקה שלך לא עשוייה נכון,
    תסתכל על הדוגמא שנקראת:
    how to jump!
    תוכל להוריד אותה מדף הבית של התוכנה, תעשה חיפוש ותמצא אותה שם.
    תסתכל על החוקים של השחקנים ותלמד איך עושים קפיצה לשחקן שלך כי נראה לי שאתה עושה את זה שגויי במקצת.

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