App Game Kit

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Hope this is OK with GS--It looks like there's going to be another (possible) competitor with GS.

Sorry if it's old news--just throwing it out there, in case it was of interest:

"Development of apps across different platforms is complex and time consuming. The Game Creators will be releasing the App Game Kit in early 2011 to provide a truly frictionless cross platform solution, removing the need to learn complex APIs.

Developers simply code their game once through a friendly IDE and instantly deploy it across their most popular app platforms.

Write once, deploy everywhere architecture
Powerful and easy to use commands
Fast 2D game engine native to each platform
Screen resolution independent
Built-in physics for the best in game dynamics
Input device agnostic
Access to full source code
Extensive on-line documentation
Free to try"


Interestingly, I don't know how this can really compete with GS, since developers would be coding, instead of drag and dropping. However, the ability to deploy on multiple platforms could be helpful.


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