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Timeout after a specific event[email protected] Posts: 20Member
edited 1:38PM in Working with GS (Mac)
How would you tell the program to move to the next scene after a specific event? For instance if I clicked on an image that exploded into particles. I want the user to watch the particle event for a certain amount of time, then auto time out to the next screen.




  • quantumsheepquantumsheep Posts: 8,188Member
    Ok, this should be quite simple.

    You have an actor that you press for starters.

    In this actor, add a rule that when mouse position is over actor, and the user clicks on the mouse to spawn a new actor called 'explosion' where the first actor is, then destroy the first actor.

    Now, the second actor is called 'explosion' and is the one called when you press actor 1.
    'Explosion' would have the particle effects. Then after the particle effects drag a 'timer' behaviour across to the actor and add 'after 5 seconds' change scene to 'whatever you want'.

    That should do it ;)



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  •[email protected] Posts: 20Member
    Thank you that worked, question though, how come if I have the scene return to the scene in which it came from, when I try to re-enter the scene it crashes. Every time...
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