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just wanna say hello;)

wouterwouter Member Posts: 174
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hey guys,
my name is wouter (oh really xD), i'm new to this community so i wanna say hello;D
i'm 17, dutch (so my english is bad (get used to it xD)), got tomorrow the results of my exam (but i know i did succeed;)
after the summer vacation i start a design study (webdesign, design, website building, advertention making (animation), all adobe stuff and more..) but it's a lottery study (great chance to start because 190 will be allowed and last year there where 210 applications)(correct english???:$) and else i go work for a year;)
I program since my 14th but i didn't like c++ so i start webdeveloping, i wanna use this vacation to start making a (great:P) iphone games and so i came to gamesalad!!

hopefully you will see my first game over about 3 weeks in the think outside the box contest! (great initiative!)

this community looks very friendly so you have a new fanatical member;D

if you would like to know more of me just pm me;)

mmm need inspiration for a profile picture... xD



  • DimensionGamesDimensionGames PRO Posts: 993
    Sound like a great new member looking forward what you are going to produce for TOTB3! Everyone here is so friendly and helpful so don't hesitate to ask! By the way you english really isn't that bad at all! :)

  • LumpAppsLumpApps Member Posts: 2,870
    Hi Wouter,
    This is Ludwig, I'm Dutch to and 42 :S
    I'll keep it in English (Dunglish as I call it) so people understand what we are talking about.
    Welcome here.

    Where are you going to study design? And on the academy or graphic school?

    I did graphic school myself and am a ZZP (freelance) designer/dtp-er trying to start making a living with GS now.
    Have a look at my sites:

  • wouterwouter Member Posts: 174
    haha thanks;)

    Communication&multimedia design in Breda (HBO lol Higher Vocational Education? xD) don't know if that's academy or graphic school in english xD haha Dunglish:P
    colorful websites, like the first one ( the most;) (lol saw i joomla in the source code?:P)

  • LumpAppsLumpApps Member Posts: 2,870
    Yes Joomla, I build the templates (CSS) myself from scratch.
    I like lumpapps better too but Forzagrafica is more professional so indeed less ;)
    Breda is Academy I think, graphic School is MBO.
    Is it st. Joost? Thats one of the best. I've been there a couple of times on expositions.
    There are some more guys here from Holland I believe.
  • wouterwouter Member Posts: 174
    no not st. Joost, Avans;)
    here is some what students have made;)

  • wouterwouter Member Posts: 174
    Yay i succeed for my exam:P
    so big party here:D
  • debugdesigndebugdesign Member Posts: 886
    Welcome to the community! It's great here... apart from the template swappers... they are not so nice...

    I look forward to seeing your first game!
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