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Need Help: What i need to do to start a Company?

ForcingForcing Posts: 93Member
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i saw a lot of members here who are signed in app store and sold games, and have got a company name or using real name as seller/publisher

i want to ask you what i need to do for a company, do you only signed in with the companyname what you wanted to apple or do you need to go anywhere (your Nation) to tell them you want to make a company and so on !

What do you all do?

(i want to make a one-man-company maybe a company-like-name like for example "Forced Gaming" or something like that!)


  • ultimaultima Posts: 1,207Member, PRO
    depends on how serious you want to get.
    to start a company legally.. you can check your local county business office on how to file sole proprietor or LLC, also DBA

    (assuming you are in the state)

    look up those things, or go buy a dummy book about starting a small business.
  • kapserkapser Posts: 458Member
    I think you can chose whatever publisher name you want. I put my company name there, but I'll actually ask to switch for my real name. (since I'm forming a new one with friends anyways)
  • jb15jb15 Posts: 602Member
    A company is a legal entity. Basically, whatever Apple needs (business IDs, etc.) is what you need. So, whatever they ask for is what is necessary (you'll need a business license, etc.). Then, you're instantly CEO.
  • ForcingForcing Posts: 93Member
    ok thanks guys you helped me a lot :)
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