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Dollar Origami 3D almost ready for iPhone App Store! Screenshots & Demo

greenrhynogreenrhyno Posts: 152Member, PRO
edited November -1 in Non-GS Game News
Our newest iPhone App, "Dollar Origami 3D" is almost ready for submission to the App Store. There is an entire blog post and demo on our site at this link:

Dollar Origami 3D iPhone App is almost ready! -Screenshots and Demo!

It is not done in GameSalad, but has been one of the main reasons I haven't been able to really delve into GameSalad just yet.

This is a cool community and I wanted to share what I have been working on for a very long time... Crazy that it is so close to completion.

Let me know what you think good or bad. Thanks!

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  • greenrhynogreenrhyno Posts: 152Member, PRO
    Hmmm, no comments huh?

    Oh well.

    It is waiting for review since Thursday so we are eyeing a Wednesday release this week. We shall see...

    Here are the screenshots we did for the App Store (screenshots are really a sales pitch in my book)

    Dollar Origami 3D App Store Screenshots

  • AppsterAppster Posts: 112Member
    Looks cool! Thanks for sharing with us in this community.

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  • SiriusBlackSiriusBlack Posts: 8Member
    It looks quite unique and well designed. Thanks
  • greenrhynogreenrhyno Posts: 152Member, PRO
    Here is a video- and don't get freaked out by how fast the folds happen, it is just on the fastest animation setting in the app for the video. The App should be available by Wed or Thurs.

  • CircleTimeCircleTime Posts: 84Member
    Looks fantastic! By "animated in 3D" do you mean originally built in 3D then rendered into individual sprites to create the animations? If so, how many "shapes" will it launch with and what is your file size / loading time? Impressive that you could pack all that in there.
  • greenrhynogreenrhyno Posts: 152Member, PRO
    @CircleTime- Thanks man. The app isn't done in GameSalad, its been what has been keeping me from doing much in GS because I've been so busy with this app... Each shape takes me a week or two (in the evenings not full time).

    So yeah, I hope to be able to do more in GS once this is in the store.

    Here is a better video, not much different, but I added some key app features to the video:

  • greenrhynogreenrhyno Posts: 152Member, PRO
    Hey, not sure if one of the mods can change the title of this thread to "Dollar Origami 3D now in iPhone App Store!"

    The app is live in the store.

    Grab it here- Dollar Origami 3D
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